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Decorative Concrete Overlay

Don't let the old flooring in your home or office stop you from having the concrete floor of your dreams. Give your home a look of distinction with decorative concrete overlay flooring with help from ProCon Decorative Cement Surfaces in Dripping Springs, Texas. Our skilled team removes your old flooring and replaces it with an overlay that is about the thickness of a credit card. There are no limits to textures, stamps, stains, or artwork that can be applied. We provide this service for interiors and exteriors at residences and commercial buildings.

Modern Apartment Dining Room

Concrete Staining

Staining is the most cost effective and arguably the most beautiful way to customize concrete floors. With the right application, you can turn new or existing gray concrete into an amazing work of art. No stained floor will ever come out exactly the same as another, and the color combinations are endless.

Stamped Concrete

Stamping is a great way to add value to your new or old concrete, but must be applied when pouring a new overlay. The design possibilities are nearly endless. Contact us today in order to get a list of our stock patterns.

Concrete Floor Sealers

Protect the integrity of your concrete floors by having us apply the sealer. We seal floors using epoxy, wax, and acrylic materials. All of these have great commercial and residential applications.

Epoxy is the floor sealer of choice due to its ability to wear over time and low maintenance. Because of this reason, our epoxy floor sealing comes with a three-year warranty. Wax and acrylic surfacing include a one-year warranty.